The Arcadia Foundation DAO

What is Arcadia

Arcadia Global is a progressive holding making investing in developing markets super easy, fast, and safe; With a new kind of market where crypto and real assets work as seamlessly as should have always been.

We have MVPs in the realty and studio business units. After staging the conventional VC funding channels we are starting this, the blockchain side, in the form of a staging DAO. 

Whos the Foundation

The committee is a group of professionals , advisors, and investors that support the Arcadia project exclusively on its Blockchain front, and become part of its future by contributing grants, advice, and work.

The AFDAO is a temporary vehicle meant to last just enough to structure the conventional business aspects and kickstart the real -our own chain- development. All the value generated by contributors on this DAO, will be directly ported to that chain.

And so, this DAO is like the genesis block of our chain, while the contributors are the miners. You can’t technically be any earlier than this. 

What is a DAO?

A DAO is an abbreviation for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Is a type of community and entrepreneurial framework that allows anyone to invest, work, and vote in projects they might also want to be part of and contribute.

All this is posible by Blockchain technology and smart contracts, which allow easy investment, governance, and safeguard of the funds. DAO members approve every decision and use of funds with voting weight proportional to their contribution. 

DAO Scope

The Foundation DAO is a temporary vehicle meant to structure and establish the Foundation. This is the team and resources responsible for the development of our own chain tailored to our big picture. 

Everything we do here will be migrated to those formal and blockchain frameworks: Tokens’ value, Team roles, Community, and Operations.  

This is not a 100% crypto project so it doesn’t happen in the vacuum of the blockchain regulation only. We also have to take into account conventional regulation. And for all these reasons, rather than a technical one, this is more a crowdfunding proof of concept, team-building, and operational exercise. 

We have tangible and certifiable objectives that upon completion mark the project’s success and the start of the migration and vesting proceses. 


  • Crypto Clean-Room

    Everything you see around its been developed by a team of one with the help of grants, faucets, and good old freeloading. To avoid regulatory blackholes, the founder didn't invest in it with his crypto assets, and will not profit in any way from the DAO other than with his salary.

  • Formal Equivalence

    The DAO is setup and its operations should be equivalent to conventional business establishment models. That is the proof-of-concept part where we take this exercise to our regulators in the context of a crypto sandbox.

  • Regulatory and Legal Framework

    Validate and double check our own original research and with that establish the whole formal framework. To be able to begin actual operations and build our chain on the basis of a solid foundation.

  • Chain Testnet

    The last step and hard requirement of the DAO is to begin its own chain development and deliver a testnet to stage the migration process. We will not be reinventing the wheel here, just making it all-terrain for our operational landscape.


Clean Room Isolation 100%
Equivalence 50%
Establishment 25%
Chain 10%

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a crypto wizard to participate?

If you are new in crypto then DAOs are a good place to start if you want to go beyond basic trading. Its assumed that you have the basics like buying, transactions and wrapping figured out.

You’ll be using a web3 platform, so we are also making our own web3 wallet that you can use. We give you tokens for helping to test the wallet. You can also fund your wallet with WXDAI and you are good to go

Once you are beyond that, the actual use of the platform is very intuitive and straightforward. We want to make this a beginner friendly decentralized experiment.

What is the minimum to participate?

You can get started with $0 by participating in the Airdrop. And make swaps proposals from $10.

There are no limitations in how many times or how much you want to participate with, be they funds or work. Just be clear in your initial proposal intention and numbers.

Why the small numbers?

Is an organic perk for investors as a consequence of the local cost of living and regulations of the founder’s jurisdiction.

You will notice we don’t focus much on creating a pumpy fundraising or claim any hypothetical ROI even if implied in the mechanics. As a Staging DAO it just needs to cover its own operating and development budget for the objectives set.

All funds not used in the scope of the DAO will become a strategic reserve at the end of the staging phase, to support our market cap and initial chain developments.

What do I get in return?

Being this early, you have almost every opportunity and chance to be part of the core team and enjoy any other insider perks like:

  • Role migration to the final estructure.
  • Value migration to the final chain.
  • Priority access to future fundraising models.
  • Propose a job you can do to grow the DAO and get paid for it.
  • Access private roles depending on your location.
  • Voice your ideas and see them implemented.
  • Predictable and affordable participation stages.

Since this is a temporary single purpouse DAO, the tokenomics value early participants rather than a massive raise. That one comes next and you’ll be already a holder before we even start the main fundraising implementation.

The project’s business model, wallet and smart contracts have passed initial validations on their corresponding spaces.

As long as there are no specific regulatory framework for what we are doing, this ends being a selfregulated academic and crowdfunding exercise that follows more guidelines and selfimposes more restrictions than a conventional crypto project.

A number of countries and even USA states (WY) have regulated DAO models, and can be legal entities now. Though those models still don’t cover 100% of the DAO paradigm.

With several big organizations in the crypto space operating in this model, tracked DAOs account for 18 Billion in market cap and 1 Billion daily volume combined.

This DAO’s #1 priority is precisely that: to validate the legal research and establish the structures required to operate in full compliance. That will happen early in the roadmap, so expect the situation to be evolving continually.

I'm citizen of [insert country] can I participate?

We participate in conventional funding activities (that fund the other business units of what we manage) so we can’t onboard users in countries undergoing economic sanctions or where crypto is restricted.

Check the Agreements, Terms & Conditions for a complete list.

If you are a citizen of the United States you must know that the SEC considers DAO tokens as securities, so you can’t be an “investor”. But we are not clear if you can receive the reserve tokens as payment for work. Assume not.

To be on the safe side, we recommend US citizens to use the Regulation CF campaigns available; And reach to us for additional participation and job opportunities.

Please do not apply for participation if you can’t pass KYC and AML checks. We RSVP the right to kick anyone shady at anytime.

Where do I start?

Learn more about the global project and what we want to build here. Understand the risk of Venture ideas and crypto. And reach Telegram support if you have any questions.

The best way to start is by applying to become a tester of our wallet app in Google Play. Visit for more

You can continue learning about the DAO and the opportunities available in the links below:

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