Airdrop Bounties

Earn participation in the project by doing little tasks that benefit us all.

What is an airdrop?

This is a classic promotional format in the crypto space to introduce the comunity to the tokens. For this particular project, the bounty is a big part of our experiment “to bridge real things with”, in this case, with work.

What do I get?

By participating you are being onboarded as a team applicant, so you’ll share the risks and perks like everyone else does. You’ll be given specific DAO tokens so you’ll be able to either vote with AXX, or vest rAXX at its peg value.


This is the starting point for anyone wanting to be part of the project’s final team: Applicant » Contractor » DLT Team » Global Team. Aim to the level you feel comfortable to participate, you’ll get where your talent and experience -not your wallet- dictates anyway.

Active Airdrop Campaigns

Campaign #2
Type: Wallet Testers
Bounty: PAXX 100,000

We are conducting a closed testing for our wallet App in Google’s Playstore. For that we are required to invite testers with a valid Playstore email. This process is similar to how you join the beta testing groups for other apps in the Playstore:

  1. The app is already enrolled in the Playstore.
  2. Internal tests have concluded successfully.
  3. Store page and other formalities have been approved.

So we’ve already done our homework and we need you to test the app in real devices, to collect any errors and get feedback to improve the app before to launching it to the public.

Required Steps

The testing and payout is divided on 2 stages:

  1. 50% after testing and giving feedback on the basic app functionality for at least 15 days.
  2. 50% after testing the DAO functions by participating in voting and staking from the wallet for another 15 days.


Of course you keep the tokens after the process concludes, and the DAO tokens if you staked or requested a swap. Other perks include direct access to the team and getting onboarded on the project earlier than anyone else.

Testing includes instaling, setting up, exploring, and using the wallet’s functions. And feeedback can be the one you gives us directly; Or those required by Google or the Playstore, including reviews and ratings.

The bounty has a participation limit: For the 1st stage we can enroll up to 40 testers. And for the 2nd stage we can enroll only 20 testers from the previous stage.

Everything is managed on a first-come first-served basis, and we are likely to enroll additional testers to cover those that might not deliver or quit at any stage, based on the order of application.

To participate in the bounty just follow these steps:

Claim your bounty

Use this form at step 3 to claim your initial bounty. To apply to the closed group use this form.