Airdrop Bounties

Earn participation in the project by doing little tasks that benefit us all.

What is an airdrop?

This is a classic promotional format in the crypto space to introduce the comunity to the tokens. For this particular project, the bounty is a big part of our experiment “to bridge real things with”, in this case, with work.

What do I get?

By participating you are being onboarded as a team applicant, so you’ll share the risks and perks like everyone else does. You’ll be given specific DAO tokens so you’ll be able to either vote with AXX, or vest rAXX at its peg value.


This is the starting point for anyone wanting to be part of the project’s final team: Applicant » Contractor » DLT Team » Global Team. Aim to the level you feel comfortable to participate, you’ll get where your talent and experience -not your wallet- dictates anyway.

Active Airdrop Campaigns

Campaign #1
Type: Onboarding
Bounty: rAXX 1000

The obligatory starter campaign where you follow the project on social media and get loot tokens for it, valued at $1,000 USD at vesting time. This is a one time series of tasks 

  1. Each link below gives you new tab where you can check and follow each profile.
  2. Like or forward any content you like, not obligatory.
  3. Take screen captures where we can check your username.
  4. Report in the form when all required tasks are completed.



Claim your bounty