Continuous Presale Model

Accredit yourself or your institution to be part of it.

Access our tokens right away!

What is a private sale?

Is similar to a pre-seed investment round where private individuals and institutions are able to back the project getting early preferential access to the tokens, usually at the lowest possible price.

Why not other offering types?

We’ve explored (and tested) most of the current sale models. But using a platform implies paying upfront for the the access and support level offered. Which is totally worth it, but outside of reach for us before getting the DAO treasury funded first. Another chapter in the chicken-and-egg paradox story that is what we want to do. Globally, we have lots of options actually.

Do you really?

Sure. For compliance this is the safest route to make available our utility tokens. But don’t forget that you can also participate in the DAO, or check our NFT option. And that’s the blockchain side… Now If your capital is in the US then you have a crowdfunding available, or globally thru good-old FDI. 

Presale Process Flow


Almost everyone participating in the DAO has to share some personal info. But for this we go the extra mile with 2 layers of KYC and AML to safeguard everyone’s work and general compliance.